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Chamber of Marine Commerce


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The Chamber of Marine Commerce provides a unified voice throughout North America to support the sustainable growth of marine commerce in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River, Arctic and East coasts.

We represent not only marine industry service providers, but also their customers: large industrial companies that need competitive marine systems and services in order to get goods and materiel to and from market. We represent not only marine industry service providers, but also their customers (i.e. large industrial companies that need competitive marine systems and services in order to get goods and materiel to and from market.).

Our members include:

  • Domestic and international ship owners and ship operators;
  • Canadian and U.S. ports;
  • Industrial shippers of key commodities (including grain, iron ore, steel, cement, sugar, salt, coal, etc.);
  • The St. Lawrence Seaway;
  • Terminals, elevators, and logistics companies;
  • Marine service-related companies; and
  • Cities and municipalities and other stakeholder groups.

Canadian & U.S. Ports

Cargo Shippers

Industry Partners

Ship Owners

Support Companies


The Seaway

Benefits of Membership

Advocacy Partner:

  • Representation in negotiations with / presentations to federal, provincial and state governments and other key stakeholders on matters related to commercial marine transportation.
  • Regular contact by CMC with Members of Parliament, Congress and political staff
  • Special opportunities to advance industry policy positions in Canada and the United States when policy is being formed or input is being sought by regulators / legislators

A Connection to the broader marine community:

  • Opportunity to network with marine industry leaders at CMC’s Annual Marine Club Luncheon in Toronto, attended by over 200 executives, government officials and industry stakeholders.
  • Opportunity to advocate side by side with other marine industry stakeholders at “Marine Day on the Hill” event and other special engagements created by CMC
  • Opportunity to understand and shape the national perspective on key issues facing marine shipping and get alerts and updates on emerging developments
  • Direct participation in, or member briefings on industry forums, which have included the Canadian Marine Advisory Council (National and Regional), United States Coast Guard Marine Industry Day, Marine Advisory Board (Canadian Coast Guard), Pilotage Advisory Committees, Seaway User Committee, Transport Canada Ballast Water Working Group (co-chair), International Maritime Organization, Marine Environmental Protection Committee (Canadian Delegation)
  • Connection with the International Chamber of Shipping, as CMC is a Board Member

Technical and environmental expertise:

  • Marine Operations and Marine Environment Committees addressing broad range of operational, technical, environmental, and emerging issues.
  • Founding member of the Green Marine environmental program – certifying environmental excellence in the marine industry
  • Generation, collection, and provision of industry research and statistics

Public relations program:

  • Issuing news releases on industry issues and developments and providing commentary and information to news media
  • Organizing and supporting industry events, including conferences and member events
  • Engaging in public outreach, including recommending members for speaking engagements where appropriate
  • Providing media monitoring – “Daily News Clips” to members and other subscribers
  • Showcasing member news in the “Daily News Clips” service, as well as on CMC social media platforms, and as part of news releases/presentations where appropriate
  • Providing communications advice and resources to members such as key message documents, infographics, fact sheets and presentations.
  • Providing regular ‘Issue Updates’ and ‘News Updates’ on priority issues
  • Publishing annual edition of Marine Delivers Magazine, which is complemented by additional articles about significant industry developments through the year

Significant Achievements

  • Removal of federal vessel import duty – fleet renewal
  • Saved the Seaway from closing in 2017 and 2019 (high water levels)
  • Avoided N.Y. State’s ballast water regulations
  • Two-year relaxation / extension of BW implementation of Convention
  • Delayed sulphur emissions standard – “fleet averaging”
  • Great Lakes pilotage – created an industry standard
  • Emission Control Areas: phase-in for Great Lakes / reciprocal arrangement with Canada and U.S.
  • Infrastructure investments for ports
  • Marine user fees kept in check: icebreaking, navaids and Seaway tolls
  • Seaway – asset renewal / hands-free mooring (HMV) investments
  • Successful challenge of EPA’s unattainable BW regulations

Join us in creating a safe, sustainable, harmonized and competitive marine transportation system in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, Coastal and Arctic regions.